Baby born with large facial birthmark dubbed a 'little superhero'

The little girl is being called a “superhero” due to a distinct mark on her face.

TV3 reported that Natalie Jackson was born with a birthmark that will “grow as she grows.”

Lacey, an autopsy technician, and Andrew, who works for a software firm, know that their four-month-old daughter will face some difficulties but insist that they will not have the blotch removed.

The family, originally from Hull, East Yorkshire, said that the mark shows that Natalie would be strong no matter what challenges she faces in her life. The 35-year-old mother believes that her daughter has the potential to change the world.

They welcomed the child at Sanford USD Medical Center, near their home in South Dakota, USA, on January 9, 2018. They confessed that they were initially “filled with panic” but their love for her conquered their fear.

“Hearing her first cry was so special. Then the nurse lifted our girl up, after my C-section, and I saw the big black mark on the left-hand side of her face. She was so beautiful, but it looked like a bruise…”

Lacey Jackson, TV3, May 8, 2018.

The mother was worried that the bruise was something she did during her pregnancy. But the medics told her that it was just a birthmark and that the baby was healthy.

When she first held her daughter, she feared what other people would think of the black mask-like blotch on her face. 

However, the family decided that they would love her, give her all the confidence, and make sure she could see how beautiful she is.

When Natalie first met her brothers, seven-year-old Elliot and four-year-old Devin, she got her nickname. One of her brothers asked Lacey about the “black mark,” and she said that it was there because her daughter could achieve anything.

Lacey and Andrew wanted to make sure the birthmark did not cause any damage to her vision. They also visited a ophthalmologist, a dermatologist and had an MRI scan. 

They were told that the mark would always cover a large portion of her face. Though it placed her at a slightly increased risk of developing melanoma, a type of skin cancer, it would do no damage to her otherwise.

The couple was relieved upon hearing this from the doctors. Despite some shocked looks from strangers, they want the birthmark to stay and hope little Natalie would be proud of it when she grows up. 

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