28-year-old nearly died from biting his nails

May 13, 2018
11:38 P.M.
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The infection had spread through his blood and he was dangerously close to getting a sepsis shock.


28-year-old Like Hanoman is a father of two, who almost lost his life to a lethal infection caused by biting his fingernails, according to a report from The Sun.

The source informed that Hanoman bit down the skin down the side of his nail and caught sepsis that initiated flu-like symptoms that continued for over a week. During the period, the infection spread through his blood and threatened to claim his life.

He was taken for emergency care at a hospital where he was put under 24-hour observation. The doctors told him that he was 'lucky to be alive,' the online source wrote.

Hanoman, who works as a warehouse operator, now wants everyone to be aware of the dangers of sepsis. He also reminded everyone about his own ill habit. "I used to bite my nails all the time. It was a nervous thing," the source quoted him as saying.


He also recalled how he had had "cold sweats" and his fingers started swelling and throbbing following the infection. "I started going really weird and I couldn't focus," he added in his interview with The Sun.

It was his mother who did the quick thinking and called the NHS helpline 111 and told the operator about his horrible condition. She was then instructed by the operator that Hanoman "had 24 hours to get to A&E."

The source further informed that sepsis occurs as a result of infection when the body's immune system begins to attack itself and stops the functioning of healthy tissues as well as organs.

To battle the condition, Hanoman had to spend four days in Southport Hospital as he was treated with antibiotics by the medical experts. After recovering, the doctors revealed to him that he was dangerously close to getting a septic shock and losing his life.

The Sun wrote that there are around 123,000 cases of sepsis reported in England every year.