Soldier gives emotional surprise to his sister at her graduation

May 14, 2018
12:44 P.M.
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The soldier surprised his sister on her graduation day and her reaction in the video was priceless.


Airman First Class Derek Maggart told his sister, Miranda Maggart, that he won’t be able to attend her graduation ceremony.

Naturally, Miranda was heartbroken by the news.

Derrek had initially told her that he would not be able to come home until two days following the graduation day.

Miranda had no idea that Derrek was not telling the truth and that he was actually trying to surprise her.


Derrek, who was stationed in South Korea, made arrangements to arrive in Miami, Florida, just in time for his beloved sister’s graduation.

To make it an even bigger surprise, Derrek got in touch with one of the school’s officials to see if he could take part in the ceremony.



posted by Derrek on Facebook showed the whole thing. It started when Derrek walked up to the stage to lead the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.


As he began the Pledge, Miranda can be seen covering her face as she was not able to believe what she was seeing. Soon enough, she started to cry.

The moment that last line of the Pledge was said, Miranda ran towards the stage and excitedly hugged her big brother.

The people in the audience were all touched by Derrek’s efforts and Miranda’s reaction. They started clapping their hands as the two siblings were still wrapped in a tight embrace.


After a while, the principal, Todd Gentis, spoke on the microphone and told everyone that he found out about Derrek’s surprise weeks ago and shared that it was very hard to keep such an exciting and huge secret from Miranda.

The crowd laughed in response.

Meanwhile, the video became viral with people commenting how touched they were with Derrek’s efforts to surprise his little sister.