Anna Kournikova finally shared a photo of how she looked during pregnancy, causing controversy

Pedro Marrero
May 14, 2018
03:34 P.M.
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The snap didn’t really help to clear the many doubts surrounding the pregnancy. Instead, it caused the speculations about a possible surrogacy to start coming once again.


Former tennis star Anna Kournikova shared a photo of herself during her pregnancy with her social media followers for the first time, after keeping her aspect during those 9 months to herself, according to TV y Novelas.

The fans didn’t know anything about her twins Lucy and Nicholas until their arrival was announced out of the blue on social media. The absolute secrecy around her pregnancy fueled many rumors about her using a surrogate.

Now, when the new mother decided to post a photo that showed how she supposedly looked with her baby bump, there were many who weren’t convinced about it.

In her Instagram account, the 36-year-old shared an image on which her body can be seen in profile, dressed in black. She captioned the photo commenting that it was taken when she was 37 weeks into pregnancy.


Most of her fans were anxious to see a photo such as this that proved she had been actually pregnant, but it sparked plenty of comments that range from good ones to rather negative ones.

While some people limited themselves to just say how pretty she looked with her pregnancy belly, others went as far as claiming that it looked fake and that there was no way that she could possibly have twins with that belly.

Kournikova and her partner, singer Enrique Iglesias, are yet to comment about this controversy about how their children came to be. But many are insisting that the twins were conceived via surrogate.

One thing is for sure: the singer and the former tennis professional player are very happy, and they are really enjoying their time together as first-time parents.


They have been sharing some photos of their little bundles of joy and the special moments they have had with the twins, who day after day look more and more like their parents.

After more than 17 years as a couple, they welcomed their children in mid-December 2017. Their relationship has always been surrounded by an aura of mystery and rumors.