Tiny dancer stole the show with her moves at a football game

She was dressed for the occasion and gave it her best shot.

A little girl, Ollie Malone, stole the show when she danced with the Southwood High School’s flag line and dance team in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Children sometimes invade sporting events and it lightens up a tense situation. Two-year-old Ollie too did the same when she danced along with the school drill team.

However, she stole the spotlight from everyone during a high school football game.

The little one’s mother, Micah Malone, is the coach for the school’s dance team the Silver Spurts, while her father, Cody, is also a teacher at Southwood High School.

Ollie was part of the school’s homecoming festivities and she was dressed for the occasion. With a uniform to match the Silver Spurs, she spent the first half in the stands with the crew.

She then followed them down to the track for their halftime performance with the band.

The result was an adorable performance with little Ollie matching her steps to the dancers during their routine. When the drill team stepped up the speed, the toddler stepped it up too. When the seniors twitched, she did it too.

When it was time to march off, Ollie stepped right in front of the last team member and walked to the sideline track. However, she did need an occasional prompting from those looking out for her.

Ollie’s dance moves were captured and the video was shared on Facebook by her Micah. 

The mother said, “It just went crazy from there. Overnight, it was at over a million views.”

The video of Ollie dancing at homecoming went viral and has been viewed over 4.4 million times. It has received over 15,000 likes and more than 4,600 comments. The video was shared more than 62,000 times on the social networking platform.

Micah thanked the school for all the support the family has received. She added that everyone is part of a big family at their school. 

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