Dog causes public spectacle refusing to leave the dog park

May 15, 2018
08:00 A.M.

Nobody wants to leave when they are having a lot of fun.


That is what a golden retriever felt when he was being taken away by his owner from a park in Burleigh Hill, Australia.

This dog found an effective way to protest. The man wanted to cut down his play time and was taking him away from the park.

However, the dog refused to leave because he was having a good time.

The video shows the two playing it out in front of a crowd of people amused by watching how the dog held his own.

The golden retriever did not move even an inch when the owner wanted to go.

The video was uploaded by 9 News Gold Coast on their Facebook page. The dog thought it would be fun to play dead when his owner decided to go home.


He just lay down on the floor refusing to go as the man had to try his best to tug the dog’s leash. The man was left red-faced in front of a large crowd on the Gold Coast.

The disobedient dog just flops to the ground in protest. For about a minute, the man tried to pull the dog along the lead.

At one point, the man seems frustrated and stretches out the animal’s lifeless front leg in an attempt to make it budge.

Onlookers and passers-by are smiling, laughing, and even pulling out their phones to capture the stand-off.

The man then decides he has had enough. He releases the leash and walks away from his pet.

The dog immediately realizes he would be left alone without his master, gets up and follows the man. This leads to the crowd breaking into a rapturous applause.

However, when the man ties the leash back on, the dog continues to defy him and refuses to budge.

He again lets off the leash and walks away only to be followed by his pet. Eventually, the golden retriever decides that was enough protest for the day and walks away with his master.

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