The family is happy to adopt a cute little girl until she learned English and told them the truth

A doubtful adoption agency involved in child trafficking was unmasked after children in their adoptive families started telling terrible stories once they learned to speak English.

As Goodfullness reported, there are many couples around the world that are desperate to adopt children, but the procedures tend to be too complex and expensive, which makes it rather complicated.

This is why some families end up choosing any random agency without confirming its legitimacy first. European Adoption Consultants (EAC) turned out to be one of these fraudulent adoption agencies.

EAC didn’t have any scruples about buying and selling children while lying both to biological parents and adoptive families. This situation seriously affected African countries such as Uganda.

As soon as these children who were taken away from their homes learned how to speak English, they started to tell chilling stories. And they were not stories about abuse, abandonment, or hunger, but something way more troubling.

Adam and Jessica Davis already had four children of their own, but they felt they had so much love to give, so they decided to adopt a 5-year-old orphan from Uganda named Namata in 2015. She was taken to the US by EAC.

The agency told the Ohio couple that the father of the child had died and her mother didn’t take care of her. The Davis’ concluded that Namata was abused, underfed and denied an education. They wanted to give her a better life.

Six months after Namata came to their lives, her knowledge of the English language was finally enough to tell her adoptive parents a secret. She wasn’t an orphan, and she had a loving family in Uganda that she really missed.

She told that her biological mother used to walk her to school every day. This changed everything for the Davis’ who were terrified with these revelations. They couldn’t believe the agency did something like this to a little girl.

And they weren’t the only family that received such shocking news. The agency repeated the modus operandi with many other families that were completely unaware of the criminal practice.

Adam told CNN that ‘the only trauma this child ever experienced was because we essentially placed an order for a child. She was home and happy with her mother until they selected her for us’.

EAC lied to the Davis’ and to Namata’s mother as well. They told the biological parents that Namata had received a sponsorship from the Davis' and that she was going to be in the US only for a few years to receive an education.

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