Man hailed a hero for swimming across a canal to save a cat

May 15, 2018
08:18 P.M.
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The man did not think twice and saved the stranded and helpless cat.


A cat was trapped on a wooden pole at a canal in Walsden, West Yorkshire. A local man saved it as the whole rescue attempt was being videotaped.

According to Independent, the feline had become stranded against a wall right at the center of the canal and had no way to escape without jumping on the water.

Jack Bennett told the media outlet that his father was walking their husky, Tomsky, in the morning when he took notice of the helpless cat.

The father called Jack and told him to get out of bed. He went on to explain the situation to his son.


Jack got out of bed and went straight to the place where his father was. There he saw the cut that was stuck on the pole across the canal.

Without hesitation, Jack went into the water and swam across the canal. In seconds, he reached the wall.

He reached for the cat and gave it a friendly pet so the feline would feel comfortable with him. 

Shortly after, he placed it over his shoulder and then he swam back across using only one arm.

Jack handed the cat to his father and got out of the water. He was drenched but he was glad that the cat was not injured.


Talking about the whole rescue attempt, Jack said that other people saw the cat but had no idea what to do about it.

“People passing by commented about how strange it was, but no one wanted to do anything about it,” said Jack.

As for the cat, Jack said, “She was super friendly considering everything.”

The video of Jack rescuing the cat was uploaded on YouTube and had become viral with almost 60,000 views.