Here is the incredible story behind this photo

May 15, 2018
09:58 P.M.
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The twins who made headlines in 2014 when they were photographed holding hands at birth are still inseparable as toddlers.


Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite don’t like to be apart even just for a brief moment. One will cry if the other is separated from the other.

When they were born in Orrville, Ohio, they became famous for grabbing each other’s hands just seconds after they were born.

The two girls are monoamniotic twins. They grew up in their mother’s womb sharing only one amniotic sac. It is a rare and risky condition. Even though their mother had to be on bed rest for 57 days, they were born healthy and well via C-section.

Talking to Today in 2016, their mother said, “They have absolutely no health problems. They are normal 2-year-olds. They run around. They chase after their brother, who teaches them pretty much what not to do, and then they still do it anyway.”


The couple was surprised when they found out that they were expecting twins. Having twins don’t really run in their families.

It was May 9, 2014, when they captured the hearts of many after they were born.


Initially, the hospital made plans to document the birth as it was going to be a part of a Mother’s day story of the local paper and television station.

Jenna and Jillian were born 48 seconds apart but they were brought together afterward. The medical staff in the operating room were all surprised when one of the twins grabbed the other’s hand.


The mother of the twins recalled her only prayer was to hear her babies cry since there was a chance of stillbirth.

She wasn’t able to see the twins at first since there was a surgical curtain covering her sight.

Just then, she heard the two obstetricians talking.

The mother recalled, “I heard Dr. Wolfe say, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re holding hands,’ and then Dr. Manacuso was like, ‘Hold them up so mom can see them.’ I couldn’t believe they were holding hands. That was amazing. It was beautiful.”