Woman finds lingerie label and realizes she’s been wearing her bra all wrong for years

May 24, 2018
08:04 A.M.

A woman bought a brand of lingerie and had one of the greatest realizations of her life.


A Twitter user, Brittany Packnett, posted a tweet explaining how she discovered through a lingerie tag that she had been wearing her bra the wrong way for more than 20 years.

Through a series of tweets, Packnett revealed how she did not give the tag that came with her bra the slightest of notice. But one particular day she happened to read the tag and discovered what she had been doing wrong all the time.

According to a photograph she posted through the same tweet, the tag instructed Packnett to wear her bra on the loosest hook. Then it instructed her to 'gather each breast into the cups.' Then finally it advised her to 'tighten the straps every other month.'


Packnett stated that it was a lingerie from a company, Third Love, which taught her the right way of wearing her bra. The picture of the tag she found in the undergarment was titled, 'How to put on a bra,' and it felt quite obvious her at first.

Naturally, she did not read the tag because this was not the first time she was purchasing the lingerie from the company. But when it did not fit correctly, she decided to give the tag a read.


What she discovered in the tag shocked her. The simple three-step instruction written inside proved that she had been wearing a bra the wrong way forever.

She also wrote in her Tweet: 'And I was all wrong. It was in the middle clasp and I did not do proper breast placement.' She also admitted that she did not she had to adjust the straps one every month.

As soon as Packnett posted her tweet, a number of women came forward to talk about the issue and admitted that they too had been wearing their brassiere the wrong way.

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