Queen of Holland breaks Royal protocol after sudden hug with woman on the street

Manuela Cardiga
May 16, 2018
02:41 P.M.
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Queen Maxima warms the hearts of her subjects with a sweet gesture


The Dutch are very fond of their Royal Family, and they are especially proud of their beautiful Queen, Maxima, queen-consort to King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

On the 15th of May 2018, Her Majesty was present in Hertogenbosch at an event hosted by The Social Lab to promote a project whose intent is to create 'design with meaning' in an effort to encourage the inclusion of people on the fringes of society 

One of the workers on the project, a woman known as Nursemin, stepped out of the crowd and hugged the Queen, who reciprocated her warm gesture. The moment was captured on camera and posted on Queen Maxima's Instagram account, 


All the designers working on the project have occupational disabilities and have been unemployed for a long time. The project aims to integrate them in the work-market and restore their self-esteem.  

The Queen, 46, wore a chocolate-brown skirt, and a caramel-colored blouse with a bow and matching pumps. She is known for her elegance, and also for 'recycling' her outfits, unlike most royals. 


Queen Maxima was born in Argentina and met the then Prince Willem-Alexander in Spain at the Seville Spring Fair in 1999. He introduced himself as 'Alexander' and did not tell her he was a prince. When he revealed his status as Heir to the throne of the Netherlands, Maxima thought he was joking.

The two married in 2002, and have three daughters: Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange, Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane. In 2013, Queen Beatrix of Holland abdicated and Prince Willem-Alexander ascended to the throne as King of the Netherlands, with Maxima as his queen-consort.