Air Force dad surprised his daughter with special homecoming present

Little Harper had no clue that her father was going to be her best Christmas present. A viral video of her showed how happy she was the moment she saw her dad.

In December 2017, Staff Sergeant Timothy White of the United States Air Force went home from deployment. He decided to surprise his young daughter, Harper, on Christmas day.

The video uploaded on YouTube featured Harper and her mother coming down from the steps and walking toward the living room of their home in Hampton, Virginia.

The young girl immediately noticed the big box sitting beside the Christmas tree and told her mother that she wanted to open it.

She began to rip the wrapping paper off the big, white box and the look of amazement was evident in Harper’s face. She couldn’t get over the fact that the big present was hers.

Her mom filmed the entire thing on her phone and Harper walked around the box while attempting to get all the wrapping paper off.

The moment she had the huge present unwrapped, her mother told her to lift the box up.

Harper knew she couldn’t do it all by herself and asked her mother for help.

The little girl waited in anticipation as her mom lifted the box. To her surprise, Timothy was crouching inside the whole time.

Harper looked ecstatic to see her father. She hugged him and giggled in excitement at the same time.

The father and daughter hugged once again showing how much they missed each other since Timothy had been gone for a long time.

Timothy lovingly told his daughter that he was inside the box the whole time to which Harper adorably replied that she had no idea he was in there.

They shared another loving hug and went on to open Harper’s other presents together. Harper’s mom looked at her husband and daughter with a big smile on her face.

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