Celine Dion sings a beautiful prayer for all mothers leaving everyone in tears

May 17, 2018
06:34 A.M.
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The legendary singer guest-appeared to remind the audience of a mother's love for her child.


During an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Celine Dion appeared as a special guest and took the stage to present an emotional performance of her song, A Mother's Prayer. The powerful song was dedicated to her son and all the children of the world.

The classic video clip of the special segment from the show was uploaded on YouTube, and it showed how Dion moved the audience through her song and reminded everyone of the true feelings of a mother toward her child.

As the iconic singer continues to sing the touching number, a background screen shows the moving images of adorable infants that adds to the emotional appeal of the performance.


The heartwarming emotion is felt in Dion's expressions itself as she gives her everything to performing the power song. The lyrics sing about the only thing that all the mothers of the world want - for the God to watch over their child and to always keep them safe.

"I pray you'll be my eyes, and watch her where she goes. And help her to be wise, help me to let go," the powerful lyrics of the song say.


The song further goes on to talk about a mother's prayer to a fallen star wishing for the good fortune and happiness of her child. The song wishes for the child to "never have a broken heart" and to "never have a rainy day."

The song ends with the mother consoling her child that she would always love them and would always do what's best for her child.

Dion's spectacular performance ends with the completely enthralled audience erupting to a collective cheer and applause.