Little dog cried every night because no one wanted to adopt it

Pedro Marrero
May 22, 2018
07:05 A.M.
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A little dog was returned to an Adoption Center because her “owners” thought they had no ability to take care of the animal.


Because Baby, a dog that is a mixture of Pit Bull with Dalmatian, was too much for the owners, they returned it to the Montgomery County Adoption and Animal Services Center for re-adoption.

According to TODAY, the center wanted to help so they recorded the dog in a video that said: ‘Meet Baby, the dog with the saddest cries you've ever heard.’ As the night approaches, the shelter remains silent, but Baby begins to cry.

Although it is a very sweet and quiet animal, it was difficult for Baby to adapt to the shelter. Since Baby arrived at the shelter, she has had difficulties adapting to live there, and the proof of it is that she has been crying every night without being able to sleep.


How heartbreaking! Although she distrusts people she does not know, Baby in the end always opens up to them. She likes to cuddle and caress you. The MCASAC continued, 'Baby is stressed and sad, so help us find a new home!'


Hannah Carl, the program administrator at MCASAC, revealed that Baby has plenty of toys in her kennel and is willing to play with the staff during the day, but it’s the nighttime that makes her upset.

Since the publication of the video, the shelter received many calls from people who wanted to sponsor their adoption fees to help Baby have a home. The shelter is in Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center, in the state of Maryland.

However, the refuge trusts that they will be able to find a definite home for her, so she could be happy forever. They urged people to visit Baby at the shelter and fill out an application in-person, as that was the only way someone could adopt Baby.