Footage shows man rescue crying cat from swamp after Hurricane Harvey

Rebelander Basilan
May 22, 2018
09:28 A.M.
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When he learned about a cat stranded in the swamp, Randall Kolb quickly sprang to action.


Known as the Cat Rescue Guy, Randall received the call for help from CARA's House, a local animal shelter in Louisiana.

A bird-watcher had spotted the cat crying while he was walking by the swamp. He informed the animal shelter of the feline's pitiful situation.

Randall immediately took action after getting the call from the animal shelter.

He documented his daring rescue of the poor cat with the help of his wife. He shared the video on YouTube on August 31, 2017.

Randall waded through the murky water to reach the tree where the cat was stranded.


The area is not always wet. It only becomes a swamp after heavy rain so it was possible that the cat may have climbed the tree when the ground was dry.

At that time, Hurricane Harvey was dumping rainwater into the western part of Louisiana.


As soon as he and his wife arrived in the area, they kept their ears out for the cat's meows. They traced the cat's location by listening to his cries. Randall was also prepared with binoculars to help spot the cat.

The picture provided by the bird-watcher also helped him find the cat in the middle of the swamp.

Randall waded out to the cat, with the water submerging his legs entirely.

After getting to the cat's location, he offered him a can of food to get his trust. The feline refused to eat.

Randall gently talked to the cat, who was very stressed and unwilling to move. Soon enough, the cat began to become more comfortable with his rescuer's presence.

Randall then placed a carrier in front of the cat. After a moment of hesitation, the cat entered the carrier. Randall made his way out of the swamp with the cat inside the carrier.

Because of the cat's long fangs, he and his wife named the cat Chomper.