Woman found grandma's wedding dress in attic. 63 years later, she tries it on and it still fits

May 22, 2018
09:28 A.M.
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An adorable photo of a granny wearing her old wedding dress had an important message about love.


Amy Buchan Kavelaras took to Facebook to share a beautiful photograph of her grandmother, Ruth, dressed in her old wedding gown. She wrote in the post that she shared the picture to give an even more beautiful message.

In her Facebook post, Kavelaras opened up about the story behind the photograph and the emotions attached to her grandmother's wedding gown.

She wrote that while arranging her grandmother's old boxes as they prepared to move her into an assisted living facility, they found Ruth's wedding dress in the attic.

Ruth married Amy's grandfather in 1953 and it had been 63 years since she last wore the wedding dress. So it was a beautiful surprise for everyone when the dress fit her perfectly.


To celebrate the special moment as well as to honor her grandmother's special day, they decided to take a snapshot, and Amy's mother was ready with the camera.

Ruth posed in the wedding dress while holding an old photograph of herself wearing the same gown back in 1953 during her wedding.


Wedding dresses always have a special connection with the brides who wore them, but for Ruth, it was even more emotional because it reminded her of her husband, Jack, who passed away in 2000.

Amy wrote in her social media post that her grandmother loved Jack very much and the two were happily married for 43 years until Jack's death separated them.

The wedding dress was the reminded of that love. Amy wrote in her post that she wanted the people to know that such kind of love was real and 'worth waiting for.'