Turtles are rescued and freed after being chained together

Edduin Carvajal
May 18, 2018
11:11 A.M.
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When a couple of friends were walking by Miami River on a regular day, they noticed something out of the ordinary on the ground under them, so they took a closer look.


What they found left them breathless. As shown in a video published by Caters Clips, Peter and Michael saw two turtles chained together by the back of their shells. Clearly concerned, Michael jumped down to help them while Peter recorded everything.

When the turtles noticed that someone was approaching them, they tried to escape and got in the water. However, they were swimming in different directions and couldn’t actually move.

Before they were too far away from Michael, he used a long branch he found nearby and pulled them to the ground. In there, he noticed how bad it was.

He lifted both turtles so the camera could record in a more detailed way what the problem was: a thin chain had been placed through the turtles’ shells and they had been chained together. Something like that could have only been done by a human being.


Michael tried to break the chain with his own hands but he couldn’t, so Peter threw him a pocket knife to help him finish the job. Just a couple of seconds later, Michael cut the chain and celebrated that the turtles would be finally free.

After he threw the first one to the water, he noticed that the second one had a bit of blood in the hole where the chain was. Michael removed that chain and threw the second turtle to the river, as well.

If Michael and Peter wouldn’t have noticed that there was something strange about the way the turtles were walking, they wouldn’t have helped those innocent animals that were chained together by a ‘weird’ person, how Michael described them.

Thankfully, Michael was brave enough to jump under the bridge and cut the chains. Otherwise, they would have slowly died.