Oprah looks slimmer than ever in crisp white pants & flirty top with bows all over

May 18, 2018
07:23 A.M.
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AmoMama just saw a clip of Oprah slaying away in a beautiful fashion combination, from an Instagram post. The television personality looked slimmer than ever in crisp white pants, adding a flirty top. We have proof that Oprah does love to slay while at work!


The thought of seeing an all glammed up-Oprah is always appealing, but it is more inviting when she looks slimmer than ever, one might say.

Thanks to world-class designer Michael Kors, Mama Winfrey was ready to go, looking her usual classy self for her magazine’s May cover shoot.

Only this time Oprah looked a tad different, boasting an appearance where she looked slimmer than ever in her ensemble.

She paired up a pair of white pants, crisp beyond comparison, with a flirty top that still managed to give her the air of a boss lady.


The crisp white pants hugged her figure unusually because of the perfect fit she got, making her look slimmer, a look she favors.

The white long-sleeved top was decorated with bows all over, the most obvious featuring on the shoulders to reveal some skin.

Oprah was lost for words while describing her love for the white pants especially because of the excellent cut, with accolades for Kors.


Her long tresses fell about the left and back side of her face, coupled with her glasses to lend her a chic demeanor.

With the same confident air, she heaped praises on the designer and his work, as she could be heard saying:

‘I’m admiring the cut on my own pant. Look at that cut, God I love it! This is a Michael Kors pant and look at…this is a really nice cut. You know, white pants are really hard to get.’


The thrill her voice carried made her delight more noticeable, even as she stated the details pridefully.

Oprah ended the video looking directly at the camera like she was on another episode of her show, dauntless, like every woman should be.

What do you think about Oprah’s outfit in the video?

Source: Instagram