Three young cancer survivors reunite to recreate an old photo

May 18, 2018
08:19 P.M.
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The three girls were brought together once again by photographer Lora Scantling for a new photoshoot in celebration of the kids being cancer-free.


In 2014, the first picture of Rheann Franklin, Ainsley Peters, and Rylie Hughey, became viral for touching many hearts and raised awareness about cancer. 

The trio’s first photo was also taken by Scantling together with Christy Goodger, both of them from Oklahoma.

The viral photo showed the three girls hugging each other, each of them was dressed in vintage-inspired dresses.

Today exclusively revealed that Scantling brought the families together earlier this year after she learned that all the kids are still cancer-free.


Scantling shared that she wanted to do a remake of the viral photo but she wanted to make the girls hold the original picture so that the people can see how much they changed since then.

The photographer gushed that she loves seeing the girls with each other.

She told Today through email, ‘The bond they have is incredible and it's really neat that they understand that their picture has been seen all over the world and that they have made a huge difference for childhood cancer awareness!’


As for the girls, Scantling shared a few details on how they have been doing.

Peters, 6, is continuously monitored by getting blood work done every month while 5-year-old Hughey gets scans every three months. Results showed that she grows stronger and stronger as time passes by. Hughey stays active by being in Pre-K, doing gymnastics, dance, and T-ball.


As for the eldest, Franklin, 8, she became permanently bald after undergoing multiple rounds of radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Also, her eyes lightly sagged due to the location of her brain tumor. Despite all that, Franklin remains a happy child with an active life.

Back then, Scantling’s inspiration to take the original photographs was her stepfather who was battling lung cancer.