Chris Hemsworth shows off his muscular arms while wearing a sleeveless top

Monica Otayza
May 18, 2018
09:54 P.M.
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The Marvel blockbuster movie 'Avengers: Infinity War' is officially the 'biggest superhero film opening ever' in China over the last weekend.


To celebrate, Chris Hemsworth shows off his muscles in a tribute to his 17 million followers on Instagram. 

Last Wednesday, the 'Thor' actor took to Instagram to flaunt his huge biceps as he thanked his fans for continuing to support the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


In the video, Chris could be heard saying:

"Hey guys, what's up... just taking a leaf out of 'the rock's' book! Every time he does a post, he's in the gym so I'm just going to do a couple of curls while we're chatting."

Casually exercising as he spoke to his fans, he continued to say how the film continues to break records left and right. 


"Film continues to smash records left right and center and I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's all thanks to you guys. All you legends who went out and saw the film."

Chris finished speaking by assuring his fans there is more to expect from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


"Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support these characters and the marvel universe you’re the best, we can’t thank you enough. And we’re going to keep cranking them out for you, if you let us! Thanks again, see you soon! Yeow!"

One of the original Avengers continued to gush about the franchise in his caption, where he states that they are now the highest grossing super hero movies of all time. 


"Avengers now the highest grossing super hero movie of all time, I’ll say again thank you thank you thank you everyone for supporting this little community theatre production."

According to Daily Mail, next year's 'Avengers' installment is Hemsworth's last film as 'Thor'. 

Since first starring in 'Thor' last 2011, Chris has appeared in seven Marvel releases as the God of Thunder.