Identity released of woman who was mauled to death by dogs

52-year-old Tracy Garcia was the woman who was attacked by her neighbor’s dogs resulting in her untimely demise, as revealed by the authorities.

The information was revealed by Carter County Sheriff Christ Bryant, who said Garcia was mauled to death near her home on Banyon Road just outside Ardmore.

Sheriff Bryant revealed that Garcia’s case is still under investigation and will be handed over to the District Attorney’s office for assessment and review.

Out of the seven dogs, one was shot and killed by deputies after it also charged at them.

The other six were taken to the Westwood Veterinary Hospital to undergo euthanasia as requested by the owner.

Afterward, the dogs were taken to the Ardmore Animal Shelter.

There were three female dogs and four male ones, ranging from one to three years old.

Amanda Dinwiddie, the shelter’s euthanasia technician, said that the six dogs are standard dachshund and terrier mix and the other one is a Border collie mix.

All dogs were below 40 pounds and not a single one was taller than an average human’s knee.

"A predominant breed in these dogs is definitely standard dachshund. They have really noticeable characteristics like their knobby legs, knees, very short legged dogs and their coats," Dinwiddie said to KXII-TV.

The technician also revealed that all dogs were infested with fleas and ticks. They were covered with the pests, which meant that they had been living in the woods. Other than that, no other health concerns were discovered.

The Westwood Veterinary Hospital said that the animals will no longer be tested for rabies. Dinwiddie said she understood why.

She explained that since all the dogs are deceased and as well as the victim, there is no longer any reason to do a test and spend thousands of dollars.

More updates about Garcia are yet to be revealed after the investigation.

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