Prank video shows how driver handles road rage with a punching bag

Rebelander Basilan
May 21, 2018
04:11 P.M.
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A road rage usually ended in a bloody fight, but you might have never seen a fight that ends like this one.


Shared by JukinVideo on YouTube on October 13, 2014, a frustrated driver was captured getting out of his car to argue with the driver ahead of him. But the other driver pulls a punching bag out of his car that clearly surprises him.

In the video, the guy is seen driving on a rather empty road with only a few cars on the lanes.

Everything seemed smooth until a black vehicle overtook his car. Both of the drivers decided to pull over to the side of the road.

A boiling brawl happened as soon as the two got out of their cars. But what happened next became anticlimactic when the driver of the black vehicle took a punching bag out of his vehicle’s trunk.


He hit and kicked the punching bag. Then he told the frustrated driver to do the same.

The driver looked confused, but he did it anyway.

After that, they shook hands with each other before getting back into their cars like nothing ever happened.


The video, which titled 'How to Deal with Upset drivers | Anger Management On the Go,' went viral, with more than 4 million views.

It has also been liked more than 19,000 times and received 1,560 comments.

YouTube user jukijunk wrote: 'That guy cuts him off and almost hits him, than makes the angry driver humble by making him feel like an idiot for wasting time and energy at being angry LOL. I can't tell if he's a jerk or a good guy for teaching a valuable life lesson.. '

'I love the reaction of the guy in the green shirt. gives it one kick and is like " what?"' Moe Szyslak added.

Capt. Kirk cracked a joke, saying that the video should be titled, 'When gays have road rage but find each other cute.'