Target store employees have a few things they wish they could ask shoppers to stop doing

May 22, 2018
07:05 A.M.
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Employees have revealed the two things that irritate them most about customers in the store but can't openly say to them.


Target is one of the biggest discount retail stores in the United States, and as such has a large customer base. But these shoppers aren't all well behaved, and employees were asked to anonymously share their pet peeves. 

Speaking to Business Insider, the employees' complaints all centered around two main things that customers do: Many are rude and act superior, and plenty of people leave their trash lying all over the place. 

Oftentimes customers will come back days or weeks after seeing an item they want, only to discover that it's out of stock. Some people then choose to get irate with the store's employees over this.


Two staff members explained that they don't appreciate this, as they are not in control of stock. An attitude is also less likely to make them willing to even attempt to help. 


“How many times do I have to tell you that we do not have the item that you’re looking for in the back room?” one employee said, while another added: “Just don’t be rude and I promise I’ll help you find things my entire shift.”

Employees will also indirectly refuse to help if the customer is just outright rude to them. 

“If you are rude, and ask if there is any in the back, we don’t check. We complain to other members about you and tell you, ‘I’m sorry but we don’t have any in the back.’ Being nice pays,” a staff member of 3 years explained. 

Other employees expressed their concern over creepy customers, with one having to explain that his greeting a customer is literally what he is paid to do, while another had a customer follow her around the store. 


The other pet peeve involves customers who insist on leaving their rubbish and unwanted items all over the store. 

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“I cannot explain how many candles and fake plants I find in the clothes,” an employee who’s worked at the store for eight months said. “If you decide you don’t want something, give it to a team member.”

Another staff member is constantly annoyed by the trash people leave all over the place. 

“Please throw your trash away,” the Target team member requested. “Starbucks cups, popcorn bags, wrappers of any kind: Throw them away.”

A different employee put a different spin on the trash issue, claiming dominion over the store. 

“Pick up after yourself,” the employee of five years told Business Insider. “You are a guest in our domain and slobbish-ly leave garbage and products on the floor and out of place. Treat your local Target with respect.”