May 29, 2018

4-year-old mails cake to heaven for late mother's birthday

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This sweet little girl is being raised by her grandmother after her mother passed away, but she still thinks of her on special occasions. 

4-year-old Bella Graham lost her mother very early in her life. Now, her grandmother, Laura Fisher, is her sole caretaker, and instills the many wonderful values her daughter had in her granddaughter. 

As reported by WESH 2 News, the little girl's mother's 30th birthday was coming up in early May, and she became increasingly concerned that she wouldn't be getting a cake in heaven. 

Fisher was concerned about how she would resolve the issue, but quickly came to a possible solution. She contacted the Edgewater Post Office, and explained her granddaughter's worry



They promised her that they would do whatever they could to help the situation. 

So Fisher and Graham, along with some extended family, baked a special two-tier cake for Graham's mother's milestone birthday. 

When they arrived at the post office, the staff knew just what to do, as Fisher had called ahead to let them know they were coming. 


The workers parted a special line just for Graham, for "people shipping to heaven only." They then carefully stamped the box that contained the cake, and assured the little girl that it would reach heaven in time for her mother's birthday. 

Fisher explained to WESH 2 News that the staff were absolutely amazing with her granddaughter, giving her both time and attention as she sent her special package away. 

The adorable little girl was utterly delighted that they had pulled it off, telling her grandmother that her mother would now be able to have a party in heaven. 

"They have no idea how much it meant to her, to be able to do that for her mom," Fisher said, with emotion cracking in her voice.