Baby starts crying when he hears a clarinet

Tetyana Fomina
May 22, 2018
08:48 A.M.
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A sweet video of a crying baby is delighting netizens from all across the world. His reaction when he hears the sorrowful music is priceless


The video of Maddox's reaction was first uploaded in 2016 by his mother, Shellie Porras, who lives in Monahans, Texas. The superimposed text informs viewers that 'Maddox doesn't like her clarinet. '

Maddox's sister was learning to play the instrument, and while other members of her family supported her endeavor, Maddox wasn't all that fond of it

The sister, Delanie Porras, shared another video of Maddox's reaction, and it is clear that the music doesn't hit the right note with the baby. 


The video was also shared on New York Post's YouTube Channel, much to the delight of their followers. A user known as Scott Snyder said his reaction was hilarious. 

Bumpy Mumford said she wanted to cry on Maddox's behalf. 'I just can't stop watching this. I lose it when he tucks that top lip in, then the eyes. I want to cry for him,' she added.

On the same post, Andreea Prisacariu wasn't amused. She said parents often devalue their children's feelings by mocking them. 

'Cute is no reason to mock anyone's feelings! That is what opens doors for depression and anxiety and other problems further on,' she warned parents. 


According to the University of Georgia, music can affect our emotions and improve brain development, while classical music can strengthen our spatial reasoning. 

Music can also 'prime' our brains for thinking, meditation and performing spatial tasks more effectively. Children who play instruments can perform such tasks 30% more efficiently. 

Parents are encouraged to expose their children to different types of music. Singing with children is also beneficial and learning to put words with music can improve memory and learning function.