Woman breaks 2 common bad habits and rapidly drops 170 lbs

May 22, 2018
01:41 P.M.

Even though Jessica Beniquez is only 22 years old at the moment, she weighed more than 320 pounds 18 months ago. Thankfully, she could identify her two mistakes.


Telling her story through her Instagram posts, she revealed that one of the most worrisome aspects of it is that many people around the world like to do the things that affected Beniquez’ life.

American Web Media reported that those mistakes were: watching their favorite Netflix shows for several hours in a row and eating fast food on a daily basis. While doing so was fun, it was detrimental to her health.

Each passing day that she chose that lifestyle, more pounds were added to the balance and the risk of having an overweight-related problem increased. Thankfully, Beniquez recognized that those were her two main problems and knew exactly how to change that behavior.


In 2016, when she was 20 years old, she made a life-changing decision: eat, go to work, and watch her shows. Even if it doesn’t look like much of a change at first sight, that’s exactly what she did at the beginning of her journey.

Beniquez stopped eating fast food and opted for choosing healthier alternatives that drastically reduced her pound-income and help her body burn them away. Foods high in protein and fiber were filling her fridge.


She also started reading the labels of the products and stopped buying the ones that had added sugar opting for more natural options. Apart from changing her eating habits, she also started exercising more.

Even the 5-minute walk to the bus stop was hard for her, so she decided not watching Netflix for that many hours a day and get on YouTube for free workouts routines instead. Eventually, she was healthy enough to go to the gym.


Now, 18 months after she decided to make a change in her life, Beniquez is ranging between 140 and 147 pounds. She has become a role model for her more than 442,000 Instagram followers and 13,000 YouTube subscribers.

Using her social media accounts, she encourages people to lose weight by telling her story and sharing important tips, such as exercise routines and healthy meals.

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