Remember 'Nettie' from ‘The Color Purple’? She is a real life princess from a royal African family

Ksenia Novikova
May 22, 2018
11:46 A.M.
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Celebritist learned from Instagram recently that Akosua Busia is a princess from an African family. She recently took to Instagram and shared lovely pictures of her family in their royalty.  Akosua who played Nettie from ‘The Color Purple' showered her parents with praises for being an inspiration to the world.



Do you remember Nettie from the movie titled ‘The Color Purple' whose name is Akosua Busia, she recently showed off her royalty on Instagram.

The actress shared lovely pictures of herself and her family, and it was confirmed that she was a princess from an African royal family.

The pictures not only showed how beautiful and unique African royalty can be, but it also put the social media platform in shock.


The first picture was of the beautiful Nettie and her co-star known as Danny Glover from the movie ‘The Color Purple.'

According to the picture, she was pretty excited to reunite with him after such a long time, and the movie they starred in together was legendary.

Akosua Busia revealed how she took the character ‘Nettie' back to her home in Africa, where raised her daughter, and was finally back as a ‘Peace Woman.'

She declared that she had taken it upon herself to advocate for women who survived the war in Liberia, through pain and suffering.


The second picture was nothing like the first, as Akosua shared a gorgeous photo of herself in multi-colored dress, and she looked like a princess no doubt.

The dress had a dash of different colors like; pink, purple, red, green, and mint green.

She talked about her mother's birth town known as James Town in Accra Ghana and how beautiful the culture there was.

The picture gave everyone the chills, as there were artworks all over the background of the post.

The third post showed a throwback video of Akosua Busia's late mother, and the video was used to celebrate and honor her memory on Mother's day.


She wished her mom was in a better place and expressed how deeply she missed her presence.

Akosua Busia also shared a picture of herself at an event held by Rutgers, and she was made a Marshall.

She seemed very proud and happy, and she let out a killer smile for the picture, wearing a red like graduation gown, and seated on the podium.


Akosua Busia also shared a throwback picture from 1969, of her dad known as ‘His Excellency, Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia.'

Akosua and her sister Abena Busia were born into a Yenfri Royal family before her father became the President of Ghana.

In the video, he was giving a speech, just after he became Head of State.

His words had a weight of truth in it, and Akosua Busia was proud to note that another President known as President Nana Akuffo-Addo, quoted her father's exact words years later.

Akosua was proud of her parents for everything they had done in the lives of so many in Ghana and outside Ghana and was proud to identify as a Yenfri Princess.


Which picture did you love more from Akosua Busia’s posts on Instagram? The one with the colors?

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Source: Instagram