School shooting victim's mother gave possible motive behind the attack

May 23, 2018
02:56 A.M.
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Her daughter had embarrassed the perpetrator a week before the shooting.


While the recent brutal school shooting in Texas by a 17-year-old left citizens across the country in shock, one of the victim’s parents spoke about the possible motive behind the attack.

Shana Fisher was one among the 8 students who were shot down by Dimitrios Pagourtzis.

According to Associated Press, Shana’s mother revealed that a week before the shooting, her daughter had taken a stand after Pagourtzis’ repeated romantic advances.

Sadie Rodriguez, Shana’s mother stated that Pagourtzis’ attempts to persuade her daughter had started to become more aggressive, even after Shana had clearly told him that she was not interested in him.


Tired of the constant menacing, Shana had to finally put her foot down and embarrass him in the process.

While this is the version of Shana’s mother, the police are yet to officially confirm the offender’s motive.


When the family lawyer of the Pagourtzis Nicholas Poehl was asked to comment on the allegation put forth by Rodriguez, he responded that the mother’s story was surprising to him.

Poehl asserted that he had spent a lot of time arguing to debunk several rumors about the boy and his personal life, and Rodriguez’ comment was a new one.

The lawyer put out an official statement after the incident that just like every other citizen, the boy’s family was in a state of confusion and shock.

In the statement, it was also highlighted that several media reports contain information about Pagourtzis which is not compatible with the way they have known him.


While the family or the family lawyer is yet to weigh in on the bereaved parent’s allegation, the representatives of the school district have also reserved their comments.

The filed affidavit states that Pagourtzis carried a shotgun to Santa Fe High, hiding it under his trenchcoat, and began shooting during the first period of the day., which was art class.

The gunman confessed that he had opened fire with the intention of murdering people and that he spared the ones he personally liked.