Royal expert says Markle plays big part in Monarchy's 'Marmite Strategy'

May 22, 2018
11:38 P.M.
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People witnessed many small changes during the Royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


Author Stephen Bates believes that the new Duchess of Sussex was part of “The Marmite Strategy,” reported

The House of Windsor is going through a change and Royal commentator Bates said that the marriage of Harry to former actress Meghan Markle was a turning point.

He believes that the match would have been unimaginable a couple of decades ago. However, some of the attributes of the Duchess of Sussex are quite common in modern Britain and not seen as negative, as they used to be.

“I think it shows they are able to change. Maybe they don’t change as quickly as other institutions, but the idea that a divorced American of mixed race who has a professional career would marry into the Royal family would have been inconceivable only 20 years ago.”


Stephen Bates,, May 21, 2018.

The author of Royalty Inc said that Duchess Meghan was a big part of a policy code-named “The Marmite Strategy.”


Bates, whose book records how the Royal family has evolved over time to maintain popularity, said that the palace aides talk about the strategy all the time.

The heritage product, the Royalty, is compared to a pot of yeast extract that the people of Britain are attracted to. This seems a bit “old-fashioned” and traditional but only on the outside.

However, the reality is that everything, including the recipe, the pot, and the color, has changed over the years. The changes are not visible on the surface and this is called the Marmite strategy by the Royal courtiers.

Bates is of the opinion that it was evident at the recent event watched by people all over the world.


The wedding at St. George’s Chapel had some interesting innovations because of Meghan’s background. The Royal expert pointed out at the gospel singing and Reverend Bishop Michael Curry’s passionate sermon.

He believes that the bishop was able to inject “a bit more spirit into his address” more than a member of the Church of England could have managed. Bates added that the mere fact that Bishop Curry gave the sermon was a turning point.

The Duchess of Sussex, however, may not have the same impact as her sister-in-law Kate, because she is not going to the Queen. 


Bates noted that Meghan “broadens the gene pool,” brings in a new perspective, and a different appearance. All these changes will work in the Royal family’s favor, according to the author.

At present, the Royal family does not offer the much-needed glamor as the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are in their 90’s, while Prince Charles is approaching 70. Prince William would likely not become King until late, middle-age.

This, according to Bates, is a serious problem for the Royals. However, the addition of Meghan will bring some respite for them. The family needs “that touch of sparkle and fairy dust to maintain the brand, the youth and vigor of it.”