Dog sings along while owner plays piano

This is certainly one talented dog who has an ear for music and loves to sing.

A video of Max singing was shared on YouTube by a channel called The Dodo.

The poodle’s owner Paige Zilba is a musician. However, he does not allow her to sing alone and whenever she practices her music, he is there to give her company.

In the video, Zilba is sitting on the piano trying to sing. When she starts, however, Max joins in too.

At this point all the beatboxer can do is stop and look at him helplessly. He stops when his owner stops but is looking at her urging her to continue.

He is sitting on the bed when she starts again, quickly joining her and refusing to let her sing alone.

By this time, it is difficult for her to concentrate and she stops again. Zilba asks him to stop interrupting as she is practicing.

She gives up and decides to do a duet with her dog. But Max seems to be in a hurry as he starts off without waiting for her begin.

The two then give an epic duet with Zilba on the piano and Max singing in his own way. The singer can also be seen beatboxing as the poodle continues his song.

Born in a small town in Ohio, Zilba is a singer, beatboxer, songwriter, and music therapist, according to her Facebook page.

Her pet often accompanies her on her practice sessions. She often posts videos of the two jamming together, with Max singing and Zilba accompanying him on various instruments.

The young artist co-founded her group SŌL and lead the team to the ICCA Competition in the Great Lakes and Midwest Region in 2015 and 2016 respectively. 

She was awarded the Most Outstanding Vocal Percussion Awards for both the years. 

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