'NCIS' Season 15 finale reveals main team member's arrest

During the trailer of the season 15 finale of NCIS, fans were able to see Dr. Jacqueline Sloane, portrayed by Maria Bello, being arrested after attacking a man.

The show, which airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS, has given its fans yet another reason to tune in, considering the eventful episode that is waiting for them.

In the previews released by CBS, Leon Vance, played by Rocky Carroll, can be seen talking to a police officer at a crime scene, who tells him that the suspect threw a bottle at a man through a window.

Upon learning that the man escaped and that his identity is unknown, Vance asked about the suspect, who refused to tell the officers who he is was or why she attacked him.

This was all before Sloane was presented to Vance as the suspect in question. In the short clip, Sloane doesn't reveal the man's name but tells her co-worker that he was the one who held her hostage in Afghanistan.

Fans were given a glimpse of Sloane's back covered in scars, a reminder of when she and her fellow soldiers were tortured by the man that she attacked at the restaurant.

She tells her NCIS teammates that she recognized his voice and that shares her desire to hunt him down in search of revenge, which concerns Vance and Leroy Gibbs.

The episode, titled Date With Destiny, promises to be filled with intrigue and action, and fans can expect to see Sloane being confronted with her past as she interrogates the man she believes to have killed her friends.

Despite the loss of many of its stars, such as Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo and, more recently, Pauley Perrette, the show has remained strong and is still one of most popular series on television.

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