Lessons every woman should learn before the age of 30

Pedro Marrero
May 23, 2018
08:24 P.M.
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For many women, reaching 30 years of age is a stage of uncertainty, especially due to the responsibilities and goals that must be met.


But calm, reaching this age is wonderful and we already have many experiences that allow us to live without so much drama and make decisions with much better capacity.  If you are still worried about turning 30, take a look at this list from the website Soy Carmín.  

These are 20 lessons that you will surely learn before reaching the third floor:

1. Do not get married or have a baby just to feel like a complete woman. You are much more than your relationship status.

2. You do not look for love in another person because you find it in yourself to be able to share your heart with someone who knows how to take care of it.


3. Sometimes to start creating, we have to start believing in ourselves.

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4. You learn that crying for a man who did not value your love and betrayed your trust is a complete waste of time.


5. There is nothing wrong with liking to be single and have many appointments without wanting a serious commitment.

6. You learn that studying a university career does not guarantee that you will be rich and happy, it is better to dedicate yourself to do what you like most in life.

7. Take those friends away from your life who constantly struggle to compare themselves with you.

8. You must live your life to please yourself, not your parents, your boyfriend or your friends.

9. In life you will cross paths with people who will betray you and hurt you, that will be impossible to avoid, but you can learn a lot from those situations.


10. No matter how old you are, what matters is the attitude you have in life.

11. Love breakups are not the end of the world. You’ll be back in your feet in a short time.

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12. If you want to have something you never had, you will have to work and make an effort to get it. Nothing comes easy.

13. Asking for an apology does not mean you can regain someone's trust.

14. It does not matter if you only have a friend, as long as she or he is the best of them all. Deep friend relationships are the ones that are really important.

15. You will understand that the outer beauty will be over but the inner one remains.

16. If you want to lose weight you better do it in a healthy way.


17. You go to parties and have fun but you do it in moderation. There’s no need to get a hangover in order to have fun.

18. Not every toad becomes a prince. You no longer let any random man enter your life.

19. Your parents are not eternal, time goes by quickly and sooner or later that one day they will no longer be with you is going to come. Do not let a day go by without telling them how much you love them and how lucky you feel to be their daughter.