Vet refused to put down Boxer from a puppy mill

May 28, 2018
07:04 P.M.
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Tracy was on the verge of dying when she was brought by her owner to the vet. The owner demanded to have the dog euthanized but the vet refused.


Dawn Karam, the president of Adopt A Boxer Rescue, spoke with The Dodo to share Tracy’s story. When Karam first saw the dog, she looked extremely weak and very thin.

Tracy, a 4-year-old boxer, was brought into a Pennsylvania vet by its owner, who owns an Amish puppy mill. The owner told the vet that Tracy was no longer able to get pregnant, which meant it was bad for his business.

The owner asked the vet if there was something that could be done for Tracy to conceive again. Unfortunately, nothing could be done.

The owner asked the vet to euthanize as she no longer had any use for him.


Just by looking at Tracy, the vet knew she needed immediate medical attention. She refused to put Tracy to rest and decided to call Adopt A Boxer. The organization offered to cover the expenses for Tracy’s medical needs.

Tracy started getting treatment for pancreatitis. After two days, she was still barely clinging to life. Tracy was taken to another clinic and more tests were done. The medical staff couldn’t figure out what was going on with the boxer.


Karam revealed that Tracy’s chances were very slim at the time. She refused to eat and they assumed that she might have a neurological ailment because of her symptoms. Although, the tests still revealed nothing and her illness was still a mystery.

The organization decided to ask for help from volunteers and they were quick to bring Tracy to Ryan Veterinary Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania. Further tests were done, and it was discovered that Tracy was, in fact, suffering from extreme starvation.


The vets gave the dog a feeding tube for two days until she was ready to eat small meals by herself. Only four days later, she showed signs of improvement. Tracy was getting healthy enough to be placed in a foster home that works closely with Adopt A Boxer.


“She’s been with her foster, Rachael Hubbard, for only a week now but it is like night and day,” Karam told The Dodo.

By that time, Tracy was already eating well and had gained ten pounds. The four other dogs in the foster home also helped Tracy become comfortable in her new environment. She had gotten so used to being inside the cage that it was a whole new world for her.

Thankfully, Tracy has slowly gained back the confidence she lost and found comfort with her four boxer friends.