Professional dance duo stole the show with original routine

Edduin Carvajal
Jan 17, 2019
06:43 A.M.
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During the 2017 Grand Nationals competition in the Rising Star Routine division, several couples showed their choreographies.


While they were all good, only the most talented couple could win. At the end of the day, Ken Rutland and Bryn Anderson got the first place. For their performance, they chose black outfits with red shirts on to give it a stylish touch.

The couple’s routine was uploaded to uploaded to Bruce Gleason’s YouTube channel. In the video, they appeared dancing to Wild Cherry’s Play that Funky Music White Boy while the audience was enjoying the performance.

In perfect synchrony, Rutland and Anderson moved from side to side dancing and adding both classic and recent moves, like Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk.

Apart from that, the spins and twirls they included wowed judges and other contestants alike, who realized that they had to do a flawless routine if they wanted to beat them.


When their routine ended, a couple of members of the public gave them a standing ovation and the couple proudly left the dance floor. Minutes later, after the rest of the contestants finished dancing, Rutland and Anderson were given the first place of the competition.

Anderson has been dancing in similar shows since she was 12 years old. According to her bio in Winter White WCS, she has studied contemporary and international latin, ballet, and jazz.


While she likes dancing all those different genres, West Coast Swing is her favorite and it occupies a special place in her heart. WCS added that her quality of movement, stage presence, and musicality are her calling cards.

The website of the Atlantic Dance Jam also shared a short bio of Rutland, who grew up dancing solo Hip Hop and started dancing with a couple in 2011.

Even though he knows many styles, including salsa, bachata, and kizomba, he fell in love with West Coast Swing in 2015. Anderson and Rutland have been dancing together since 2016 and they have won many titles in the Rising Star division.