Video shows 3-year-old performing traditional Maori haka

May 24, 2018
11:20 P.M.
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Little Levi found an incredibly adorable way to wish his great-grandmother a happy 81st birthday.


Uploaded on YouTube by the channel Levi’s World!, the video showed the three-year-old giving a passionate performance.

The video begins with Levi wishing his “nana” a happy birthday and telling her that he loves her.

He then begins his performance with vigorous movements, stamping of the feet on the floor, with rhythmically shouted accompaniment.

During the middle of the performance, Levi pauses for a short time to regain his voice and continues immediately. 

The little one is seen stomping his feet rhythmically throughout the act. He signals the end of the act by poking his tongue out as the camera zooms in.


Many users commented on Levi’s performance positively. Some also mentioned that Maori Culture was ‘great.’ However, one user, Sekrit, commented that Levi’s ‘great gift is a heart attack to old nana.’

 A comment from the channel replied to the user saying that it was not the case in New Zealand where everyone loves a good Haka.


Haka has been made known around the world by New Zealand sports teams’. The tradition has been carried on by the New Zealand rugby union team, All Blacks, since 1905.

According to T. Karetu, the hakas have been ‘erroneously defined by generations of uninformed as ‘war dances,’ the true ‘war dances’ are the whakatü waewae, the tütü ngärahu, and the peruperu.

Haka is the generic name given to all types of ceremonial performance that involve movement and is usually performed by a group.

It is performed for a variety of reasons. Though originally performed by warriors before a battle, asserting their strength to intimidate the opposition, it is also performed to welcome distinguished guests, or to acknowledge achievements, occasions.

Maori mythology says that the Sun God, Tama-nui-te-rā, had two wives, the Summer Maid, Hine-raumati, and the Winter Main, Hine-takurua. 

The dance originated in the coming of Hin-takurua, whose presence on hot days was revealed in a quivering appearance in the air.