Texas school shooting victim gave his life to protect fellow students

May 27, 2018
09:11 P.M.
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Even as everyone is coming to terms with the tragedy, tales of heroic deeds are emerging from the Santa Fe High School shooting massacre.


CNN reported that a 15-year-old teen, Christian ‘Riley’ Garcia, lost his life while trying to save the lives of his peers.

A student opened fire at a school in Santa Fe, Texas, on May 18, 2018, killing 10 and injuring 13 others.

Survivors have now described a selfless and heroic act by Garcia. The student, who showed remarkable courage, died during the shooting.

He was trying to block an art classroom door with a view to save other students and give them a safe passage, according to the family’s pastor, Keenan Smith.


“He was holding the door shut when the shooter was trying to gain access into that art room… the shooter shot through the door, taking his life.”

Keenan Smith, CNN, May 22, 2018.

The pastor was with the grieving family on the night of the tragedy, when other students described the day’s events to officials. 

Smith said that those were not the decisions a 15-year-old had to make. However, Garcia made them anyway, without even thinking about the consequences.


He said that it was the young student’s “heart” and who he was as an individual.

The pastor described Garcia as a fun-loving person who loved football and enjoyed being outdoors. 

Smith hoped that the family finds comfort in knowing that their child was brave in the face of a challenge and sacrificed his own life for the safety of others.


He knows, however, that that will not ease the pain or fill the void that the family will also feel, “but it does bring a measure of peace.”

The victims of the tragedy have been identified, however, Garcia’s family has not been able to see his body yet. They are praying that they will be able to see him soon.

The family attends Crosby Church, which held a memorial service on May 21 for the slain teen.