2-year-old showcases his drumming skills on camera

May 27, 2018
10:40 P.M.
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The little boy’s natural talent for percussion has left everyone stunned and his parents are proud.


In a video posted on YouTube by a channel named, Mark Thomas, Matt Karaberidis is seen demonstrating his amazing talent.

The clip begins with Matt playing drums just like a professional drummer. However, it is amazing considering the fact that he is a two-year-old who can barely speak.

He seems to have great control over the sticks he wields and churns out brilliant music. His little foot is also busy throughout as are his little hands.

The video then shows Matt jumping on his bed in a playful mood. However, music is probably the only thing he constantly thinks about as he begins beatboxing.


One can also see the music he creates with absolutely anything he can get his hands on. The prodigy is always thinking about making beats throughout the day. 

The clip shows Matt playing on some pots and pans from the kitchen. He is also seen playing on a water drum using sticks he found outside his home.


He is then seen playing on some huge cylinders using his bare hands. He can then be seen creating a nice rhythm using huge sticks on a tub and a stone.

He then walks across to some bins and begins playing and it seems that music comes naturally to him.

The little one is seen drumming using make-shift sticks on anything in sight – bins, cylinders, tubs, pots and pans, compound wall sheets, and wash basins.

When he is not playing the drums, he is enjoying his time with his parents, playing some football.

Matt, who hails from Port Lincoln, South Australia, began playing drums when he was only 18 months old.

His parents, Con and Annie, decided to buy him a junior drum kit after he broke the toy kit. The two-year-old is a self-taught drummer and has been displaying his amazing gift to the world.