Whoopi Goldberg's daughter shared family pic with her 'princess' granddaughter and mother

Alexis Martin, Whoopi Goldberg’s only daughter, is a young and proud grandmother as she recently shared a photo of her adorable four years old granddaughter, Charli Rose. Whoopi, revealed a few years ago that she’s not letting the girl call her great-grandmother, and also revealed how funny the little girl at her age.

Celebritist learned from Alexis Martin’s Instagram account that her little granddaughter, Charli Rose, recently celebrated her 4th birthday, and the whole family was there to celebrate with her.

In the photo Martin shared, she’s posing alongside the baby and Whoopi, reuniting three generations in one frame, and she wrote in the caption of her photo:

“We celebrated our princess over the weekend Happy Birthday #charlirose #bestgrandaughter”

Charli Rose is the daughter of Alex’s eldest daughter, Amara Dean, and a man named Chris with whom she married in 2013. A year later, they welcomed the adorable girl into the world, making Alex a young grandmother and Whoopi an even younger great-grandmother.

Talking to Jimmy Fallon about the situation, Whoopi revealed that she asked Amara to teach the girl to call her just Whoopi because she’s too young to be called “GG.” However, the comedian is pretty fond of the little girl, and she recently revealed that Charli has a particular accent.

Goldberg visited the set of the “Rachael Ray Show” in 2016, and she revealed that a woman that works for the family has been teaching Spanish to all the kids, and Charli Rose apparently caught the accent.

She also revealed that the girl doesn’t like to be babied, and she’s pretty direct and dramatic whenever she wants to get something.

And she added:

“She’s now calling me by my name which is great, and we’re communicating, We’re starting to communicate because babies are nice, I like them, but they don’t do much. I had this whole conversation with my daughter, she said ‘how was I?’ I said, ‘you just lay there.’ She said, ‘well, did we play?’ I said, ‘well, not until you could move’.”

Charli Rose seems like a pretty funny little girl, and she’s, undoubtedly pretty spoiled by her grandmas.

Alex and Whoopi have a beautiful family and we’re glad Charli Rose is growing up in such a loving and fun environment.

Watch Whoopi talking about the girl in the video below:

Don’t you think Charli Rose is an adorable four years old girl?

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