Gladys Knight shares video with her younger 4th husband in jacket and white scarf

The legendary “Empress of Soul” Gladys Knight can be seen addressing an audience at the Western Carolina University accompanied by her younger husband William McDowell. William looked suave in his scarf and suit while Gladys remains ageless.

Celebritist learned from “Instagram” that 73-year-old Gladys shared the series of video clips with her fans and expressed her gratitude for being afforded the platform at the university.

“My husband William and I had such a great time yesterday evening, speaking to some of the faculty and students at @western_carolina about our new school and community center that we’re so glad to be opening very soon in Asheville, NC!”

Fans were complimentary towards the singer and her husband and congratulated them on their noble cause.

vision63 wrote:

“Always giving back. Love it.”

treid7 wrote:

“Thank you so much for taking the time to come out and speak with us! I will always remember the event and I’m eternally grateful for you and Mr. McDowell. @msgladysknight @fortuneandmind.”

According to “Citizen Times” Gladys and William, who married in 2001, purchased the dilapidated and closed-down Reynolds High School in Canton, which was once the only African-American high school in Western North Carolina west of Asheville. Their aim is to renovate the building and rename it Reynolds Community Center. To achieve this, the couple also started a fundraising campaign.

Speaking to “Times-News” correspondent Jason Gilmer, Gladys explained their goal with reviving the school.

“You’ve heard ‘reach one, teach one’? This organization says ‘reach some, teach some. I love that about having the school. It will be multi-cultural. It will be multi-historical. Music is just a catalyst. When we get down to touching young people in their spirits, in their hearts, in their minds, then I think we’re doing something world changing.”

Gladys Knight is not only an ageless beauty and a talented singer, but a woman who gives back to the community. Do you also think Gladys and William both looked great on the video clip?

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