Video shows K-9 officer's official retirement

A dog is a man's best friend, but for this Police Officer, he is also a trusted partner.

Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer and his loyal partner K-9 Faust had been working together for 8 years, and as a specialized explosives detection and patrol team, the two have responded to hundreds of calls together.

After 8 years, Faust was hanging up his badge, and Schaeffer was heartbroken. But Faust was living his police career in dog-years, and that meant he had been on the job for 56 years.

Faust's muzzle was growing gray, and it was time to say goodbye to active duty. Schaeffer wanted to honor his beloved friend and felt he deserved a send-off just like any other officer exiting the force after an honorable tour of duty.

A touching Youtube video shows the last moments the partners shared as police officers. 

"Thank you for getting us both home safe after every shift."

Special Agent Bryan Schaffer, Youtube, 8th of March 2017

As he sat with his partner, Agent Schaeffer heard a voice coming over the police radio transmitter. The female voice of the Police dispatcher thanked Faust for his loyal service for 8 years and 1 day, and as she spoke, Schaeffer stroked his partner's head.

Almost as if he understood, or sensed his human friend's sadness, Faust snuggled up to Schaeffer and rested his head on his shoulder, whining sadly.

In the video that recorded this touching moment, Schaeffer glanced out of the window, trying to control his emotions, and Faust licked his face tenderly.

Schaeffer then kissed his sad-eyed partner on the nose and thanked him for bringing them both home safe and sound every night for 8 years.

Schaffer and Faust are still together, as the agent was able to adopt his trusty friend and offer him a forever home with his family. 

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