Film shows Siberian Husky whimpering in fear at the water

May 28, 2018
01:15 P.M.

The reluctant Siberian Husky seems to be afraid of water and needed a lot of coaxing to swim in the pool.


Junkinmedia.com shared a video of the hesitant dog on November 18, 2017, from Bangkok, Thailand.

Maybe not all dogs love to swim and the dog in the video is a good example. A Siberian Husky is seen in the video clip who is probably not accustomed to swimming, or just needs some encouragement.

As he stands at the edge of a swimming pool, the dog observes his surroundings carefully.

He constantly tests the water with his front paws but is reluctant to go in, though he gets words of encouragement.

His nanny tries his best to coax the dog to get into the pool with no success.

The hesitant pet begins to whine and bark at his nanny. At one point, he seems to completely give up the thought of entering the pool as he backs away.


His nanny seems to get annoyed, splashing the water asking the husky to get into the water.

The dog looks up at the man as though begging him to stop forcing him. He whimpers but his request is rejected as the man points towards the water.

The animal again tests the water with his paws tentatively. After much coaxing, the nanny bends down trying to pick him up and throw him into the pool.

However, the frightened dog immediately sits down hoping to dissuade the man.

More than a minute passes and the two are not ready to back away – the man wants him to swim and the dog reluctant to dive.

Just then, two puppies jump into the pool. They are carried by two men who leave them into the water with leashes around their necks.

The little ones seem to enjoy the water as they happily swim to the other side.

This provides the Siberian Husky the encouragement he needed. The dog jumps into the water and is seen swimming with ease.

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