Video shows small orangutans enjoying a medicated bath

May 29, 2018
12:27 A.M.
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Little baby animals are probably the most beautiful things. Two baby orangutans proved this in this adorable video of them being bathed.


International Animal Rescue, or IAR, uploaded a video on YouTube revealing their staff members bathing two baby orangutans with medicated water to soothe the animals' minor skin irritation.

The two baby orangutans, named Oscarina and Tulip, are seen getting a complete rub down, and while Oscarina seemed to be enjoying her bath, Tulip seemed less than eager to get into the water.

Because of Tulip's reluctance to get into the water, it made for a great video as it shows how the baby orangutan is grappling the caretaker tightly so as to escape his bath.

The staffs are, however, determined on giving the animals, who might have been suffering from some kind of skin irritation, a complete bath so that it can soothe their irritation.


At one moment in the video, the taking the shot questions what the name of the baby orangutan was. The staff replies, "Oscarina."

As soon as the man takes the name, the little animal turns toward him. "Oscarina, you can hear me," the man can be heard saying in the video.


There was no doubt that Oscarina was having the best time of her life, sitting quietly and letting the caretakers do their job.

Tulip, on the other hand, seemed too scared of getting wet. He did not let his caretaker go of his hold. The entire time he was being bathed, Tulip clutched at his leg tightly.

Thankfully, the IAR staff managed to properly bathe the little one without using the water tub altogether.