Casey Anthony's mom gets emotional and storms out of interview about the death of Caylee

Junie Sihlangu
May 29, 2018
06:49 A.M.
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Casey Anthony’s parent’s opened up in a recent A&E special about the death of their granddaughter. This time they spoke to Elizabeth Vargas.


The special was shown for the first time this past Monday. George and Cindy Anthony answered questions about their daughter’s character and whether they believed she was involved in their granddaughter’s death.

George and Cindy were in the process of getting divorced when they learned that their daughter, Casey Anthony, was pregnant. Their granddaughter, Caylee, was born in 2005.

Her birth helped pull her grandparents closer over the next few years. However, her sudden death left the parents stunned and Caylee’s grandfather even attempted suicide in 2009.


Cindy reported Caylee missing on July 15, 2008. At the time, she said it had been 31 days since she last saw her granddaughter.

The child’s body was eventually discovered that December not far from the home. She was wrapped in a blanket and dumped into a trash bag.

In an interview last year the two said the birth of their grandson in 2013, the child of their son Lee, saved them when they needed it most.

'No, but I'm telling you, you lied to me for several years and that's where our daughter got it.'

Cindy Anthony, A&E, May 28, 2018


The new special called Casey Anthony's Parents Speak confronts George and Cindy back in the home where their granddaughter was believed to have died. It’s been 10 years but the reality of the loss still grips the two parents.

In a preview of the interview, Cindy could be seen storming offset at one point. She and her husband were arguing about their daughter’s tendency to lie.

Cindy felt her husband had indirectly taught her how to do that. George has made it no secret that he believed that Casey was involved in Caylee’s death.


Meanwhile, his wife has been a bit more hesitant to label their only daughter as a killer. She has also confessed that she still spoke with Casey on occasion.

George has said he has no desire to see his daughter ever again. When Vargas asked at one point if he thought Casey had done something to Caylee, George quickly replied: 'Absolutely.'

Speaking about his daughter’s character, George shared that she was good at covering her tracks, which we found out later. He revealed that she would lie about having a job when she was jobless.

Casey also lied about having a nanny, that never existed, who was blamed for the little girl’s disappearance. This recent interview could be the last time that the Anthony’s are ever seen in the house where they last saw their granddaughter.

The couple has failed to make their monthly mortgage payments.