A list of stones that allegedly attract money and how they work

If you like to surround yourself with the elements that can make you luckier, there is no doubt that gemology will become your best ally.

Certain stones can help you reach a better balance both physically and in your state of mind, which could bring about the possibility of having a positive change of luck that helps you achieve our personal and professional goals.

There are many different meanings and attributions to each stone according to its composition. But what all of them have in common is that they all have some benefit to offer you in your everyday life. This is what really makes them jewels.

Having said that, we have to admit that most of the times they are also exquisite accessories to carry around as necklaces or bracelets.

 According to Mhoni Vidente there are four stones that can attract wealth to your lives. They are pyrite, amethyst, jade, and citrine.

Image source: Shutterstock.

Image source: Shutterstock.

Pyrite, the money and abundance stone

 Above any other gem, pyrite is the stone most related to money and abundance. Its similarity with gold has made many people mistake it for the precious metal, and that is why it has always been energetically linked with wealth.

Also known as ‘the fools’ gold’, pyrite is known for bringing good luck to the household, helping us protect our material possessions.

Image source: Shutterstock.

Image source: Shutterstock.

 Amethyst, from negative to positive

Amethyst is not always related to money, but it is related to any kind of positive energy. This gem has the property of helping us turn our negative thoughts into positive ones.

This way, it cleans us from negative energy and makes it possible for us to attract all the financial prosperity that we need and deserve.

It is always convenient to have this stone near us to clear our way and help us achieve our goals.

Image source: Shutterstock.

Image source: Shutterstock.

Jade, green as money

Jade is a very potent stone, and its properties are known and used by many cultures, especially the Eastern cultures. This stone has many properties, and one of its most remarkable ones is its capacity to help us attract money and prosperity.

If you have a business or shop it is recommendable to have a jade stone around the safety deposit or anywhere you keep the money. But be careful with imitations, because it is easy to be fooled by fake jade if you are not an expert.

Image source: Shutterstock.

Image source: Shutterstock.

Citrine, yellow as gold

Citrine is mainly a protective stone, but it also can be used to attract money, because of its intense yellow color that reminds us of gold.

It is especially useful when doing business or trying to sell something because it helps us visualize the money we are trying to earn in the best way.

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