TMZ: Ramona Singer had a car accident but is on the mend

The Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer had left her home in South Hampton and got into a fatal fender bender. Reports suggest that she is recovering from the accident.

As reported by TMZ, Singer met an accident with a Mazda when she was traveling in her Maserati along the Montauk Highway. According to sources close to Singer, the star rear-ended the Mazda on the highway on May 28. 

The accident was a 4-car pileup. It happened as a car suddenly stopped on the highway creating an emergency-break situation for the cars that followed. The Mazda was at the third number while Singer's Maserati was fourth in the back.

Singer was not majorly injured but was swiftly transported to a nearby hospital by an ambulance. She suffered from bruises and minor aches in her body after the crash.

The report suggested that although Singer is mentally shocked by the crash, she has been physically recuperating quickly.

She underwent treatment and was released shortly after her admission into the hospital. Singer's car was significantly damaged at its front end. The vehicle was registered under her name and had insurance.

TMZ updated their article on May 29 with a new discovery regarding the 4-car pileup. It was revealed that the accident was caused by Singer.

She took her eyes off the road for a while and did not notice the cars that had stopped on the highway. Singer's car rear-ended the Mazda in front of her that caused a chain reaction hitting the other cars in front of her.

The reality star had posted a photo via her social media account of the backyard of her house in Southhampton on Memorial Day and thanked everyone who sacrificed their lives.

She apologized for not putting any flags in her backyard in recognition of the important day. The star explained that she was applying icing all day to recover from her accident.

Singer was the only one who suffered minor injuries. No one else, who was a part of the crash, got injured. The officials did not find any influence of drugs or alcohol in Singer's system while driving.

There were no arrests made at the site nor any traffic violation ticket issued to anyone involved in the accident.

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