Mother who lost all her children in mass shooting tells her story

Amanda Simpson, a mother from Texas, opened up about the losing her children from a shooting orchestrated by her former husband.

Justin Painter, Simpson’s ex-husband, rushed towards her home and killed his own three children, Simpson’s boyfriend, and committed suicide afterward.

Simpson was shot during the shooting incident that occurred on May 16, 2018, but fortunately survived.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Simpson told her story where she suggested that Painter intentionally let her live for her to feel more pain in losing her three children.

Talking to the media outlet, the victim said, "My kids were my coping mechanism, and now they are gone. He knew when he took them from me, he took everything. He's won."

Simpson was asleep with her boyfriend, Seth Richardson, when she heard gunshots.

At the time, Painter had custody of the children. Simpson saw her in the doorway with a gun. Soon enough, she learned about the deaths of her loved ones.

Painter killed 8-year-old Odin, 6-year-old Caydence, and 4-year-old Drake.

Simpson was left wounded with a bullet in her shoulder. While at the hospital, Simpson took a video of herself in tears and expressing her grief.

She also talked about how the judge in her divorce suit neglected her warning regarding Painter’s mental instability. Simpson, allegedly, told the judge at the time that her former husband had attempted suicide but the judge ignored her statement.

By the end of their divorce, Painter made it clear that he was hoping to mend things with Simpson, but she refused.

Now, Simpson admitted that every time she closes her eyes, she said an image of her children dying pops in her head.

Talking to Huffington Post, Simpson bravely said that she will continue and move on with her life. She said she will “keep going.”

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