Dash cam footage shows driver stopping in front of school bus in the middle of a busy highway

May 30, 2018
07:42 P.M.
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A man risked the safety of himself as well as a school bus driver to confront about a surprising issue.


WBZ CBS Boston reported about a bizarre incident in which a 42-year-old man forced a school bus driver to stop in the middle of a busy Mass Pike and climbed up his hood to confront him about the tinted glasses on his bus.

Joe Rizoli, the driver of the bus, had a dashboard camera that recorded the man's antique and helped police track him down.

While Rizoli was traveling west near Exit 16 in Newton, a 1999 Toyota Corolla drove by him, swerving almost uncontrollably in the heavy traffic. The man inside the Corolla waved at Rizoli at first, signaling him to pull over.

Then he sped ahead and stopped right in the center lane in the middle of the busy road. Rizoli later stated to the source how dangerous it could have been for everyone involved. Fortunately, the bus had no students on board at the time.


The man then walked out of his car and walked toward the bus's door. When Rizoli did not allow him in, he climbed on to the hood of the bus.

Rizoli told the news channel that the man wanted to know why the color of the glass on his bus was dark. He had an issue with the glass being tinted and wanted to confront Rizoli about it.


The experienced driver, who has been driving school buses since 1979, admitted that it was the strangest thing he has ever seen in his entire career.

“My concern is this guy, he really broke a lot of rules here, a lot of laws,” Rizoli said of the experience. He also stressed that this incident proved why all school buses should have cameras to document things happening in front of them.

The authorities have informed that the incident is under police investigation.