Bystander filmed farmers' daring rescue of two tangled deer

May 30, 2018
09:40 P.M.
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Despite the obvious lethal risks, two brave farmers were determined on saving the lives of two animals.


A video uploaded to YouTube by ViralHog showed two farmers miraculously saving the lives of two stags that got entangled in a fence wire while dueling.

The description of the video revealed the two farmers to be Jim Burrows and Richard Gorman, who came across the red deer in need of rescue on Gorman's property in Awatere Valley, Marlborough, New Zealand.

It was also informed that fighting between the stags was common during the 'roar, or mating season,' which ran from late March through April.

The two deer seemed in extremely aggressive moods because of their situation. They were trying to free themselves from the entanglement with brute force. Clearly, they were failing miserably.


Burrows and Gorman stepped in with wire-cutters and despite the obvious risks to their own lives, they attempted to free the deer.

One of them walked around the deer and tried to hold one of them down by its horns. The deer evaded him at first but could only run so far because of the wire.


Eventually, they submitted and allowed the farmers to have their way. Then, one of the farmers cut down the wire carefully while the other tried to keep the deer calm.

It took several attempts at clipping the wire before the first deer was free. It immediately sprang and galloped away into the distance.

Controlling the other deer proved even more difficult because now it had more freedom to move around and could cause serious harm to both the farmers.

However, Burrows and Gorman did not lose hope and kept on trying until the deer began to tire out. Then they clipped the final wires entangled on its horns and set the deer free.