Wendy Williams claps back after getting blasted by Drake's dad

Claudine Varela
May 31, 2018
01:58 A.M.
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The television host is surprised by Drake's father's attack against her and releases her own statement defending herself.


As the battle heats up between Drake and Pusha T, Wendy Williams now finds herself in the middle of it all as Drake’s father recently slammed her for a reason Williams later admitted she knows nothing about.

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The feud between Drake and Pusha T has continued to escalate after the latter released his diss track ‘The Story of Adidon’ alluding to Drake’s secret son. But when Williams stuck her nose into their business by reciting the lyrics to the controversial song during the recent episode of her show, Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, blasted the host and even referred to her as “Rupaul Jr.,” to Williams’ surprise. 

The scathing post that left Williams wondering what she did to deserve it was posted by Graham on his Instagram. It revealed an angry father defending his son as well as a disappointed viewer who once looked up to the host. 

“I had come to actually finally like Wendy Williams and watch her show it grew on me, Here’s the game changer, It’s very informative when you listen to a talk host report a story that they’ve actually researched and share it with their audience but this Rupaul Drag Race Queen looking B#+##^ has stepped out of her lane,You know nothing about Drake or Myself,Do your research before you try and be funny to your 79 capacity audience,Rupaul Jr WATCH HOW YOU SPEAK ON OUR NAME!!!!!!!! I lost all respect for you today !!!!’nn”


Responding to Graham’s attack, Wendy posted a message on her Instagram, confused at how she earned his ire. Explaining her side, she wrote, 

"I'm watching the battle closely. I don't know why Drake's dad is mad. All I did was recite Pusha's lyrics. All jokes aside I really like Steve Harvey's suits. He's a sharp dresser. And that Beefsteak Charlie mustache that Drake's dad has is mean. Just mean."

She capped her message with a laughing emoji in her caption. 


The latest track of Pusha that fueled this spar of words took a swipe at Drake’s past revealing how he fathered a son during his childhood and kept it under wraps. The song’s lyrics said it loud and clear. 

“You are hiding a child, let that boy come home, deadbeat motherf*****.”

“Adonis is your son and he deserves more than an Adidas press run” 

He also mentions Drake’s baby mama he referred to as Sophie.

“Sophie …Love that baby, respect that girl. Forget she’s a porn star, let her be your world.”


Last week, Pusha also threw shade on Drake with his track ‘Infrared’ which hinted at Drake’s alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller.  In response, Drake released his own diss track ‘Duppy Freestyle’ where he slammed Pusha and Kanye West. 

Now that Pusha has come out with a new track to get back at Drake, many are wondering what Drake’s next counter track would be.