Tristan Thompson's alleged other woman claps back after being called a 'homewrecker'

Monica Otayza
May 31, 2018
09:24 A.M.
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After Lani Blair was accused of homewrecking the relationship between Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian, the woman has decided to clap back on her haters. 


Just a few days before Khloe Kardashian gave birth to True Thompson, videos and photographs of Tristan cheating on his girlfriend went viral on the internet. While it happened more than a month ago and Khloe has decided to forgive her man for what he has done, people are still coming after one of the women Tristan was seen with. 


On Lani Blair's Instagram account, one person decided to call her a "homewrecker" and a "stripper". She has finally had it and decided to answer back at her haters. 

In one of her recent sexy Instagram updates, someone wrote:

“You really think people are about to mind their own business while you out in public with an NBA player who’s dating a Kardashian?! You’re a stripper you should be used to people being all up in your business and then some. She’s absolutely right about the fact that as a woman in a time where we need to be lifting each other up you’re out here playing homewrecker. You’re beautiful, use your beauty for something better. Imagine if someone did that to your own mom & then let me know how you feel knowing you were apart of it.”


Blair defended herself, addressing both the cheating and homewrecker accusations. 

"First of all, I'm not a stripper. I'm a bartender. Second you are another one writing me essays about sh*t you know nothing about. If you were busy taking care of yourself you wouldn't have time to be writing me and reading my comments waiting to pounce. I'd fix my fingers to write about anybody else's life. You should reflect on this shallow point in your life."

However, the fan was still at it and decided to respond back to the bartender. 


"Damn girl my bad these articles out here all say stripper. And actually, I am at a high point in my life, a few minutes out of my day to let you know you need to do better as a woman is no time wasted to me, sis! No one is trying to pounce. I just hope you don't take pride in being the side piece cause like I said you are beautiful and it's a damn shame that regardless the situation you knew very well what you were doing with who and who you were hurting in the process. Homewrecking, simple. Use your beauty for something more positive girl. People make mistakes, yes, but the pain you caused her is unimaginable. I hope you realize that and I sure as hell hope no man puts you through that."

After everything that has happened in the past few months, Khloe Kardashian is "so thankful" to be a mom. However, she is still trying to figure her relationship with Tristan Thompson, and has been focusing on maintaining a calm, peaceful, and loving environment around her little girl.